Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Inari the incredible

Named clothing called this dress Inari which is a Japanese name meaning successful and I have to say that this dress is more than aptly named! I actually made it a few months ago bit it's spent most of its time either on my back or in the wash basket.

Whilst the end product is indeed successful, there was a bit of a journey to get there! A few months ago I bought a metre of gorgeous silk from Walthamstow market. I thought that I might be able to squeeze the Inari out of a metre and after tryin more than a few layouts I managed to squeeze it on. Triumphantly, I strutted upstairs to iron the fabric. After ironing I began cutting out only to realise that I had started using a layout which didn't work. I was fuming with myself. I was desperate for more of the fabric so I jumped on a train to the market but sadly they has sold out. I reluctantly settled for this piece of blue rayon instead. Luckily, I'm pleased with the dress which has got lots of wear and I have a growing love for the fabric!

The dress was a very quick sew with impeccably written instructions. It has a relaxed, baggy fit which made fitting very easy, I only took it in slightly a the bust.

Despite appearing very plain it has some beautiful details such as the dropped split hem and a cuff on the arms.

I have also since made a silk version which I wore to my friends wedding...
I hope you avoid any disasters similar to mine! Happy stitching x

Monday, 8 August 2016

Evie La Luve Rosie

I'm currently a very lucky lady as it's the summer holidays! Because of this, I have been sewing up a storm which made me want to try a new skill. I turned to my underwear pattern stash and choose the Evie La Luve Rosie pattern.

The language and seemingly endless list of supplies has always put me off sewing underwear but over time I have managed to pick up most supplies (apart from the strap elastic). I bought no new fabric, using all scraps from left over projects. Bra making is brilliant for using up jersey scraps. Because of this, the lining is rather an unusual colour for the bra!

The instructions were fabulously straightforward and I only came unstuck when trying to create the straps. However, after reading them out loud to a friend they became much clearer. I would definitely recommend the pattern for any bra beginners like myself.

There was something so gloriously satisfying about the whole project. With each step it seemed to change so much and develop as an item.

I love the back detail to this bra, with the straps coming out from the hook and eye.

The rather random mix of colours means that I have some funky thread on show on the inside but as it's my first bra it doesn't bother me too much.
Fit wise, it's pretty good. I made a novice error when cutting the elastic for the bottom band and didn't cut it small enough to provide a huge amount of support. So this is definitely something to bear in mind when making the next one. But it's beautifully comfortable to wear and it's so nice not to have under wiring digging into your ribs.

I'm keen to continue to develop my skills and sew another, are there any bra patterns you recommend?

Happy stitching x