Saturday, 25 February 2017

Helmi I need more!

I've had my eye on Named Patterns Helmi for a while now. I added it to my Make 9 and as I was itching to sew it I decided pretty early on that it would be my first make. I have a real soft spot for Named patterns. They seem to suit my figure and I love the simple lines of the designs.

Helmi certainly did not disappoint! It has some gorgeous details including a dropped curved hem and a fly front which made it an interesting yet quick make. I used a drapey fabric from Fabicland in Brighton. I swooned as soon as I saw the swans in the shop!

The instructions were as ever concise and simple to follow. The fit was great and I made absolutely no alterations at all!

I used some small shell buttons from my button stash which I think finish it off perfectly.
I find myself wearing this dress incessantly and it has received lots of complements. I'm mulling over using a dark red fabric with a small cream spot for my next one but I'm worried I won't love it as much as this one! What do you think?


  1. Very lovely dress! I love the collar and amazing fabric choice!

    1. Thank you Medi. It's a lovely pattern.